Who we are

Biosilva Agroforestal is a private company, founded in 2008 and specialized in full cycle, sustainable forest management, including forestry services to private and public entities and in particular, the acquisition, production, logistics and supply of biomass for industrial, thermal and electrical power generation across Europe.

The company is founded upon a team of highly motivated, creative and experienced forestry professionals, united by a common belief in the values of collaboration and responsibility and who share a profound understanding of the environmental impact and the need to provide competitive, realistic, reliable and sustainable industrial solutions.

Our Mission

Whilst Biosilva is primarily a commercial forestry company, we strongly believe in the conservation and regeneration of our national forestry assets, including indigenous flora and fauna. As such, we have developed a highly experienced team who work closely with national and international environmental regulatory bodies to ensure that our activities follow the strictest ecological and environmental standards.

We believe strongly that the creation of shared values and sustainability are the cornerstone to the long-term success of our company. Further to this, we aim to have a significant and positive economic impact in the rural areas in which we operate, through local employment, community development and the local sourcing of suppliers, subcontractors and infrastructure

This concept of sustainable forest management and corporate responsibility ensures that we make a positive impact on our environment and the communities with which we interact.


Pine tree nursery for reforestation

In the knowledge that our activities directly affect local communities, flora and fauna, we are strongly committed to ensuring that through sustainable forest management and sound social responsibility, we are able to make a positive impact and provide long term value.